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Lotter Law is the brainchild of Jeff Lotter. Since ….., Lotter Law firm has built a reputation to fight for a wide range of charges. These include criminal defense, DUI, Domestic Violence, drug arrest, drug arrests, and traffic fatality. The accident and injury lawyer at Lotter Law provides legal representation in personal injury. We offer FREE legal consultants and encourage our clients to contact us straight away for assistance and advice. We understand that accidents are devastating, and that is the reason, we are committed to assisting our clients the way we can. If you or any of your loved one has been injured through no fault, kindly contact us today.

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In 2003 – Jeff was selected to attend the FHP Academy and earning the title State Trooper. Trooper Lotter was assigned to Troop-D which is headquarters out of Orlando and includes: Orange, Osceola, Lake, Brevard, Seminole, and Volusia Counties. Trooper Lotter was assigned to the DUI Unit and worked under a Sergeant that was a pioneer that started Jeff Lotter on his path of expertise in DUI detection and arrests. After six years, it was time for Jeff to move on. He hung up the campaign hat and resigned from the Florida Highway Patrol in good standing.
In 2009 Jeff was sworn in as a Deputy Sheriff under Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demmings. During his six years with the Sheriff’s Office Deputy Lotter conducted thousands of investigations, made hundreds of arrests, served as a Hostage Negotiator, and spent a significant amount of time training newly sworn officers how to conduct street level investigations.

Jeff Lotter has years of experience in dealing with criminal cases. With his vast experience, he has solved many cases in Orlando and nearby areas. When you hire attorney Jeff Lotter, he will first understand your case and thus provide you few monetary and non-monetary sanctions. As one of the leading trial attorneys, he will provide all legal assistance that you need to overcome your charges. He is a skilled trial lawyer who is committed to providing his clients the legal guidance and helps they are looking for. He is well-versed in handling a wide assortment of cases, ranging from criminal defense and car accidents. If you are seeking a reliable trial attorney in Orlando, contact, Jeff Lotter today!

Jeff’s Background

Jeff Lotter is an Orlando DUI Criminal Defense Attorney with Experience that Matters

  • Experienced Defense Attorney
  • Former State Trooper
  • Former Deputy Sheriff
  • Police Academy Instructor
  • Military Veteran
  • Qualified as DUI Expert
  • NHTSA SFST / DUI  Instructor


In the Military Jeff established his warrior ethos and was trained to make decisions and thrive in complex and life threatening environments.

Jeff served as a military police paratrooper out of Fort Bragg NC. He attained the rank of Sergeant and deployed twice to the Balkans. During his time in the Army Jeff obtained significant experience in law enforcement response and the tactical resolution of high risk incidents.

Police Academy and Training

If you were arrested for an Orange County there is a good chance that Jeff was one of the arresting officer’s trainers in the police academy.

Over the years Jeff has taught a wide variety of subjects at the police academy. The police recruits are required to pass written tests on the curriculum.

Jeff knows procedures the cops were supposed to follow. When the cops mess up – it’s like a red flag.

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